Mira Wilkins Prize

Mira Wilkins This prize, established in 2009 in recognition of the path-breaking scholarship of Mira Wilkins, is awarded to the author of the best article published annually in Enterprise & Society pertaining to international and comparative business history. Formally known as "The Mira Wilkins Prize for the best article on international business history," it comprises an award of $250 and a memento presented at the Business History Conference annual meeting. The Wilkins Prize Committee consists of three members, one of whom serves as chair. Each member serves a three-year term, rotating onto the committee as junior member, then becoming chair, and then exiting after serving a final year as senior member. The chair of the Wilkins Prize Committee presides over the entire process.


2018: Patricio Sáiz and Rafael CastroUniversity Autónoma de Madrid


2017: Petri Paju, University of Turku and Thomas HaighUniversity of Wisconsin—Milwaukee

  • "IBM Rebuilds Europe: The Curious Case of the Transnational Typewriter" (Vol. 17, June 2016). 

2016: Michael Aldous, Queen's University Belfast

  • "Avoiding Negligence and Profusion: The Failure of the Joint-Stock Form in the Anglo-Indian Tea Trade, 1840-1870" (Vol. 16, September 2015)

2015: Paula de la Cruz Fernandez, Florida International University 

  • "Marketing the Hearth: Ornamental Embroidery and the Building of the Multinational Singer Sewing Machine Company" (Vol. 15, September 2014) 


2014: Brenna Greer, Wellesley College

  • "Selling Liberia: Moss H. Kendrix, the Liberian Centennial Commission, and the Post-World War II Trade in Black Progress" (Vol. 14, June 2013)


2013: Tore C. Olsson, University of Georgia

  • "Peeling Back the Layers: Vidalia Onions and the Making of a Global Agribusiness" (Vol. 13, December 2012)


2012: Neil Rollings, University of Glasgow

  • "Multinational Enterprise and Government Controls on Outward Foreign Direct Investment in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1960s" (Vol. 12, June 2011)


2011: Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • "Multinational Corporations, Business Groups, and Economic Nationalism: Standard Oil (New Jersey), Royal Dutch-Shell, and Energy Politics in Chile, 1913-2005" (Vol. 11, June 2010)


2010: Paul Duguid, University of California, Berkeley

  • "French Connections: The International Propagation of Trademarks in the Nineteenth Century" (Vol. 10, March 2009)