Harold F. Williamson Prize

williamson2.jpg Awarded every two to three years to a mid-career scholar who has made significant contributions to the field of business history, this prize memorializes the contributions to business history of the late Harold F. Williamson. The Grants and Prizes Committee shall serve as the core members of the Williamson Prize Committee, which shall also consist of two ex officio members, the BHC President and the BHC Secretary-Treasurer. The membership shall be solicited for nominations for the Williamson Prize six months before the prize winner is to be selected. The committee's selection shall require ratification by the full Board of Trustees.

The Harold F. Williamson Prize in Business History was first presented in 1990; it is awarded every two years. The prize was established to honor the memory of one of the founding members of the Business History Conference: Hal Williamson taught at Northwestern University for many years, trained dozens of graduate students, and served as president of the BHC in 1974.

The prize is awarded to an individual "at mid-career" who has made significant contributions to the teaching and writing of business history. The prize consists of a medallion and $500.



Edward J. BalleisenEdward J. Balleisen





profile_picture_1118.jpgChristopher McKenna





Stephen MihmStephen Mihm





Mary O'SullivanMary O'Sullivan





Sally ClarkeSally Clarke




2008 Co-Recipients

Regina Lee BlaszczykRegina Lee Blaszczyk




Andrea ColliAndrea Colli





Pamela Walker LairdPamela Walker Laird





Steven UsselmanSteven Usselman




2002 Co-Recipients

Richard R. JohnRichard R. John




Angel Kwolek-FollandAngel Kwolek-Folland





Kenneth LipartitoKenneth Lipartito




1998 Co-Recipients

Steven TollidaySteven Tolliday




JoAnne YatesJoAnne Yates





William J. HausmanWilliam J. Hausman





Geoffrey JonesGeoffrey Jones





David A. HounshellDavid A. Hounshell





Naomi LamoreauxNaomi Lamoreaux